One month and counting.

To the guinea pig who stumbles across this: my first attempt at creating a web page will be messy, smelly and probably not too pretty, so hopefully the font makes up for that ;) With less than a month till lift off, I’m pooping my pants in excitement, but I’m not sure I’ve realized what exactly we’ve gotten ourselves into. Here’s everything I know about my trip so far:

We will be flying into Seattle to see the besties on February 26th, into LA on the 27th and flying into some crazily-named city in China the 28th… I’m hoping that we’ll reach Singapore (our final flight destination) on the 29th…. awkward???

From Singapore, we will be commuting via train into Malaysia, where we will then attempt to catch a much cheaper train across the country into southern Thailand.

I think this is where we’ll take a break from commuting for at least a day.  The southern beaches in Thailand are most reputable in terms of safety and splendor, and I intend to get in on that!

After recouping for a few days, we will then catch yet another train to Bangkok… where there is a lot of tension, yes, but we’ll only be there for just a tid bit.

From Bangkok, we catch an overnight train to Chiang Mai, our FINAL destination.. at least for the first month of this excursion.

Our CELTA course begins March 10th and goes through till early April something.  I forewarn all of you that it’s very likely that I will not be contacting anyone during our program.  It has been stressed over and over that this program is not an easy one, and I’d really like to be able to get a job anywhere in the world so I’m aiming for the equivalent of an “A,” of course, but realistically, I’m preparing myself for a “B.” Don’t judge.

On the Program: Archie and I will be staying at the Vdara resort in Chiang Mai during the entirety of our program (one month).  We will be fed twice a day and allowed time to study after 9 hour days of class time ;) I’m actually really excited about it despite all of my seemingly spiteful sarcasm.

But this is the extent of my knowledge! Aside from this I’d really like to explore Vietnam, Cambodia (ankor wat), Laos, and wherever else presents itself.  I’m going in with a “only yes” mentality and have a few crazy aspirations (such as getting a certificate to be a scuba instructor) while we’re gone.  Until opportunities begin to present themselves, we’re rolling with the punches.

I would love feedback and suggestions or information from all of you! Write me anything you’d like to, tell me about your day, your struggles, how embarrassing it was when you shot spaghetti out of your nose while laughing at your own joke in front of your CEO.. I’m not choosy and I would love to be kept in the loop with life, I think it’ll help keep me sane.

Lastly I would like to thank you all for being so supportive.  I needed to hear that it’s OK to do weird things that societies norms aren’t necessarily conducive to, which is what I’ve essentially received from all of you.  I wouldn’t be doing this without the feeling of security your support has warranted.

I hope to be uploading as many pictures as my little iphone can produce and keeping some sort of a map so you’re all aware of my whereabouts and the odd critters I ingest.

I love you all.

laeo jur gun!