Where are we?!

I’ve never seen so many people in one place before.  I take my space for granted in America, where hand sanitizer is at one’s beck and call and “personal space” is actually a concept.  Boulder would have a heart attack if it saw how these people treat their waste… because they just don’t, so it permeates every nook and cranny.. including the skies.  Although I’m struggling with an innumerable amount of emotions right now, I haven’t been more proud of myself than I am right now. My conceptions of beauty mean nothing here, nor does my appreciation for sanitation.  My affinity for small talk, however, is growing stronger and the service industry is proving to some good for me in the world.  Upon entering Johor Bahru, we met a man named Daniel who showed us around the local area, chatted us up and bought us lunch.  I never imagined people being so curious but there has been frequent small talk with the locals and lots and lots of smiles- the universal language. 

The plan for today is to go sight seeing in Kuala Lumpur, catch the overnight train to Hat Yai (Thailand) and then hang out there for a bit and go beach hopping.  I love you all. 


2 thoughts on “Where are we?!

  1. ^ With Carmen San Diego ;)
    You’re amazing sissy, I always know where to come for support and wouldn’t have had the balls to do this without your love and great role modeling. Not to be publicly cheesy but…. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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